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We are in this automobile business for over 35 years. Through our journey we learned that Communication, Respect, Integrity and Excellence are the key factors to excel in this business. Our values helped us to gain customer respect and satisfaction. We guide our customers to their betterment in terms of tyre and automobile.

Our sales-persons not only sell products, but explain everything about it like guarantee, warranty and how to use it so it can last loger. Giving quality products and service is our key to everything.

Why Choose MRF Tyres

The Design process at MRF starts from the customer - inputs from individual customers are compiled by marketing and given to Corporate Technical MRF's R&D and Product Development Division or vehicle specific requirements are received from the OE customer. MRF's team of 300 engineers and scientists gives MRF its enormous strength in product design. Requirements received, a team now works on converting the customer input into a Design Concept. MRF uses cutting - edge technologies in predictive testing and design validation before it leaves the drawing board. These advances have significantly brought down the time to market for new designs.

Tyres are now handed over to the Vehicle Dynamics Group, who now validates the design on the vehicle. These tests are done at the test track in a series of manoeuvres at various speeds, pushing the tyres to the limits of its capabilities.

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